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  • Will there be more products offered?
    • Yes!  Product lists change frequently. Keep checking back for more items.
  • Will smaller pack sizes be offered?
    • We are looking into this with our suppliers; in order to split a case the CFIA mandates that all packaging must be “retail ready” – meaning all product info must be stamped on the individual packaging (best before dates etc…).  Most foodservice items that are not currently splitable are not packed that way
  • Are prices negotiable?
    • No; there are currently no deals in place for large orders, or any discounts for bulk buys
  • Is there an order form?
    • Not at this time; are available items are listed on Syscoathome.com
  • Where do I go to pick up?
    • Most sites have signage displayed on site directing you to the designated pick up area
    • Once on site you must call the posted number and provide your order number & parking spot
    • No need to get out of your car
  • Are pick ups contactless?
    • Yes!  Orders will be placed directly into your trunk by a Sysco associate
    • If you would prefer the order in your back seat then you must indicate that when you call while on site
      • Order will then be placed on the ground next to the car, and you will load the order yourself
  • Will delivery be available for home?
    • We are testing this in some areas right now; no timeframe on when/if this will be available in all Regions
  • Can someone else pick up the order on my behalf?
    • Yes!  As long as the order number is provided anyone can pick up the order
  • Can I just come and place an order there?
    • No; Sysco@home orders must be placed in advance.  We encourage you to follow your local site on Social media for upcoming Truckload Sales (which anyone can show up for, no ordering in advance)